Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gotta Love self-inflicted sick leave..

Just placed on my schedule the plan for not showing up on Monday... Because, y'know, of the silly 26.2 miles I plan to run on Sunday. I must be insane...
I half think my anxiety is related to the run... I really hope that its like a lot of things, where the worry is worse than the actual event. then I remember that I am going to run 26.2 miles and am pretty sure that the event will be worse than the anticipation.
My knees are so going to hate me at the end... Big boys like me are meant to stroll, not run those sort of distances.

Though I have to say I like this taper period... after so much running its like I got some of my life back.

Monday, October 22, 2007

So this was an "off" weekend?

One all too fun HH (many thanks to the great hosts, particularily Arjewtino and I Now Pronounce You)... I think I was fine until I mistakely took the offer of a shot from the lovely jess of what? the curtains? Loved the shot, not the effects (which involved getting on the wrong direction orange line traing, then missing my stop by one when I finally got turned around).

After slowly waking up the next morning, a quick lunch with my ex (not sure I have had the chance to use that term before), then off to the DC United game where I chilled with my nephew. An early bed (or couch), a mid-sleep wake-up and movement due to the loud return of my roommate and then a late morning. Then 2 (yes, 2) dates on Sunday. Apparently I deal with a breakup by throwing myself back out there... everyone has their own way of recovering I guess. I did get to see Gone, Baby, Gone and LOVED it. really depressing.. really made me appreciate my life....