Friday, October 19, 2007

Blogging and Dating Ethics

So lets say that I read a bunch of blogs... a looot of blogs... I have too much free time at work at times.

And as noted I am now single and looking around (browsing through Match and other big dating sites).

I see a picture that seems familiar. A quick click over to Bloglines to confirm my thought after I read her profile (which seems very familiar... everyone has a writing signature that when writing personal stuff is readily detectible after reading a few paragraphs). So I confirm that she is blogger that I have enjoyed reading.

Whats the ethics here? I know that it would make a poor opener when I send the email but assuming of course that my email doesn't disappear into the ether and I actually get a date, when would this come up? Just idle speculation at this point but...

Monday, October 15, 2007

blog action day

Wow, greener than I thought...
So I took a poll that I saw over on love is blonde and was kind of surprised... That I came far below my fellow Americans. I guess that since I live close to the city in a multi-story condo, walk to work, eat healthy local food, make sure my electronic toys are off when they need to be that I come out ok (though I lost point for my love of meat....). Even though I skew toward the conservative side I really do think about my actions.. The smaller footprint that I have the less we need to import oil (and the less reason that my boys, the US Army, needs to be is Arabic hellholes.). That and on some level it lets me feel a little superior to all those unthinking liberals that spout what should happen and don't actually walk the walk. An awesome amount of irony can be found on a big SUV with the following 2 bumper stickers that I saw the other day: "Save the Planet" and "Clinton 2008".


An Army Weekend

Have I commented much about how much more I like Army stuff now that I am finished with that awful OCS stuff? No? Well suffice it to say that though this weekend was long (starting on Thursday and running until 2PM-ish on Sunday) it was successful. Most of the soldiers in my unit got Qual'd (including myself... 28/40. Not too shabby considering I have awful eyesight and great when you consider how long it took to get this result in Basic), we ran the ranges, no one got hurt and we got a congrats message later on Sunday evening. Not that I noticed as I was sacked out on the couch by then.

Long hours, expensive meals ($9 for the dinner? Are you kidding me!?), MRE's and a rough bed (slept in tents, rocky ground, with 40 people in earshot...), and of course the heady weight of command. No wonder I was pooped by the time we drove home.