Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekly Weight (5/20)


A little bit of concern but it has been a weird week (Drill this past weekend, where I passed my annual PT test (18:07 2 mile run, 60 push-ups in 2 minutes, 55 sit-ups in 2 minutes) and height and weight, then off to Florida to "vacation" with the kids/wife/parents (I had all the intentions of running every day, hitting the gym, etc. but those plans did not survive the enemy, I only got one run in and no other workouts, other than a lot of walking). With a 2 week trend I am a little annoyed (but I am doing a partial fast day today to set me back on the right course).
  • Week 0
    • 260.9
  • Week 1
    • 257.8
  • Week 2 
    • 260.1
  • Week 3 (now)
    • 263.1

I got a new Fitbit HR (to replace my Dead Basis Peak) so I am getting used to that again.