Monday, June 25, 2012

Moon Called

Moon Called, Mercy Thompson Book 1 by Patricia Briggs

It is kind of refreshing to have the main character not be a vampire or werewolf. I think I picked this book up on sale as I normally am not a big fan stories with a lot of were in them, but the world itself made up for things and I would definitely give it another whirl.

Magic is out of the bag in this world. Some parts of the magical world are out in the open (even to the point that the US Government, in a case of not learning from the past, has created reservations for them) while most of the supernatural world is still in the closet. Mercy is one of the closeted ones, sitting in almost her own category, a "Walker" who is able to turn into a coyote. Her history of being adopted by a werewolf pack due in part to the similarity of her ability makes her an expert on werewolves, but still an outsider.
Mercy runs an auto repair shop in Washington state. With clients who include a vampire, former bosses who are gremlins and the Alpha of a werewolf clan living right next to her. While raised in a werewolf pack, she has nothing to do with them until events drag her deep into pack business. All because of the act of kindness of taking in a young, newly turned and unaffiliated werewolf boy who she meets through her shop. 

Well scripted actions scenes, a very well thought out world and interesting characters made this a fortuitous accidental buy.

Zombie Fallout: Zombie Fallout, Book 1

I love me some zombies. And I always appreciate the hangman's humor in any "The End of the World as we know it" type of story as I am pretty sure that is how I would handle it.

I really do like the narrative voice of the main character, Michael Talbot. As a military guy I can relate, and the really funny bit is that Mike is a zombie fan in the novel. So unlike some stories where apparently all the characters are dumbfounded that zombies exist, with no knowledge of the lore and stories that surround them (no modern novel should have character that are too shocked by zombies, they are too prevalent in US pop culture). Mike even experiences the moment of giddy, "It's real! It is really happening" before the reality hits him and it becomes "It's real?!? It is really happening.......  crap. We are screwed."

Overall the story flows pretty well, from the initial outbreak (damn flu shots....) to the desperate battle to protect his family. It does introduce some likable or interesting characters, but given this is a zombie story do not get too attached to any of them. The author does decide to bring in a mystical capability on both one of the characters and on at least a few of the zombies that made some of the story a stretch, but overall it didn't hurt the story too much (though it made for a some convenient outs for the near terminal situations that author painted the characters into).

Fun read, and also funny. Given the title it sounds like there may be some more story left from the remaining characters so I would be interested to see where this may go.