Saturday, July 02, 2016

Weekly Weight (6/30)


Considering I am single parenting this week and my planar fasciatis decided to come back and visit, I am not too bothered by this. The upcoming weekend is a holiday weekend so that will be a challenge. Oddly my steps are not too bad (110k for the past week) even though I have had to drive more than normal due to kid related activities.
  • Day 0
    • 260.9
  • Month 0 (May)
    • 257.8 - 263.1
  • Month 1 - Week 3 (June)
    • 262.5
  • Month 1 - Week 4 (now)
    • 261.8

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A dark confession (Jeans Suck) and why Kilts rule

I have an almost un-American dislike of Jeans....  I don't get why people like them so much and really cannot think of a point in at least the last 2 decades that I have owned a pair (I got convinced one time to try them on, but whoever I was with quickly agreed that I should take them off, they didn't suit me). I live in the Washington DC area (while not really a swamp the weather has a lot of swamp like attributes) and for 7-8 or months of the year wearing pants, let alone pants that are made of cotton (a material that has taken a steadily lower fraction of my wardrobe over the years. Cotton sucks in the summer and can kill during the winter), doesn't leave me happy.

For me I have a hierarchy (from worst to best). I am not even putting jeans in there since the above should cover why that is never an option.

  • Dress Pants/Khaki's
  • High tech cargo pants (5.11 Taclite pants are great, they have thicker material ones for the colder months but these are wearable all year round)
  • Cargo shorts (5.11 again for the win. So many pockets and so strongly built. Pretty much the only ones that I will buy)
  • Kilts (5.11 Tactikilt's (anyone else see a trend?), Sportkilt (USA and US Army tartans of course) and misc other ones (Elkommando kilt for example)). I love me some kilts. Comfortable and cool (in short, other than underwear, why would I want more material hugging my crotch and butt during the warm months....), with a fashion twist that the shorts have a hard time matching. Side note, all my kilts (except for 1-2 I bought before I saw the option) have these things called pockets... some even in profusion (the 5.11's for example). I am not a traditionalist (which means I have pockets and wear at the normal american waist vs the belly wear of traditional kilts) and really like practical clothing.  One thing I have learned is that most people don't even notice what men are wearing....  I don't even get bothered by the skirt comment from my wife, since technically kilts, an unbifurcated garment, are a subset of skirts. Men were wearing them for eons... (they only started wearing pants because of horse riding, of which I do none of so I feel ok not wearing pants)
Sydney and I in matching US Army Tartan Kilts

I think my time in the military has increase my DGAF (look it up) as opposed to increased my conformity. When you have done enough silly stuff in front of other people you just reach a point where you don't care and just want to wear clothes that are comfortable, climate appropriate and, yes, somewhat distinctive and entertaining to wear. (side note, this morning I said I was running upstairs to my daughter and she said "to get your kilt?")