Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Game of 2009?

I think if you had asked me 2 weeks ago I would have said that Modern Warfare, for all its issues was probably the best. Until Borderdlands appeared in mailbox. And now that I have played it all the way through (yes, I am a bit OC with games and they are an addiction) I have to say that overall? It was better.

Yes, it looks cartoon-y. But it has a neat story, a complex world, very useful multi-player. This is the game that, while evolutionary is a gamers game (everything from a scaling system for bad guys, more guns/mods/shields than you can ever imagine and some fun content.). Easily the best 50 bucks I have spent so far this year (and last, sorry Fallout 3, this blends FPS and a role playing game... it wins). And it even has Zombies!