Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year. I hope that everyone had a fantastic New Years Eve. I know that I did.

Well, its coming toward the end of the year.... time to add up the year:

  • Finally got my Masters Degree in Computer Science
  • Finally commissioned (after a 2+ year process to obtain it). Got the specialty that I wanted and am finally drilling with my unit.
  • Switched my position inside work.
  • Countless first & second dates.
  • Met some great people, both via the Army and via the Blogger-verse.
  • Fell in love and unfortunately fell out of love (Met a great woman, had a fantastic time, but it didn't work out (so sorry R))

Overall - A great year. I achieved a lot of goals and while I suffered a few misteps (like I so should have stopped taking classes after I got my degree... afraid to check my grade in that class) I really feel that I am moving forward.

Is it sad that I am afraid that 08, contrary to what someone said yesterday evening (where she said it would be two thousand and great), doesn't look like its going to be as good as 07. Unfortunately I have to head off for 5 months of Army training (most of it looks pretty worthless unfortunately) which means that much less time to spend with Friends and Family (sooo going to miss spending time with my nephew, Conor. It also means that it is unlikely that I will meet my special someone.... hard to meet someone in the first bit when you are disappearing for 5 months.). At least I get a break from school.(I was driving last night and was grinning when I remembered that I dont have any more classes/homework/tests).

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Love this movie. The girl who played Juno was great, the Arrested Development reunion of characters was fun (both played great characters). Jennifer Gardner definitely defined quite desperation... her characters' desperation to be a mother and pain in not being able to do so herself was moving. There were plenty of LOL moments and lots of fun quotes. Definitely a fun movie. (even though I felt like I was the lone island of testosterone in the theater.

All in all - 8/10.