Friday, November 30, 2007

The Perils of Modern Dating (aka Facebook can create awkward situations)

So dating in the 21st Century is a lot more complicated than it was in the past. And so was breaking up (the main focus here).

Somehow I believe that it was a little harder to be able to peer into the lives of the people that you dated back in the days before Facebook. You definitely didn't get situations like I just had happen:

I broke up about 2 months ago with a girl who I had been dating for 5 months. I kind of dragged her onto FB but she seemed to take to it. Photos were taken, tags added. When we separated I a) wasn't really thinking and b) didn't listen to advice. I should have cleared the photo's (not delete them, just from FB and moved them to my private file store) and dropped her as a friend (not a forever thing because I want her to be my friend eventually) as otherwise you can see way too much of what is happening in the other persons life. I think they had it easier in the old days.... take the photographs down, avoid the places where you may run into each other... its a lot harder in this electronic land.

As I started heading back out there I realized (after much needling by my roommate) that I really needed to move the pictures off my profile (because it's just awkward to still have pics up of last GF's.... it can create issues for anyone new that you are dating). So I did... and then I got the email questioning why I had removed pics of her (as well as one where I went to see a chick flick, querying whom I had gone to see it with). Ugh... so awkward. I should have done this stuff in the first place and now I am prolonging her hurt. So many considerations... so complicated.

I am not even going into the new issue of "When to remove your profile from dating sites.." that has come up more than once in the past few years.... too early you look desperate, too late, not into her enough... Argh....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Strike Week 4?

Okay... so the first show has run out(The Office... shocking I know given that a number of the actors are also writers)... and a number of shows are running on fumes...

It's created an odd TV season, with the fewest cancellations that I have ever seen (shows that would have been canned, like Journeyman or Cavemen, have gotten a lease on life... heck Journeyman will end itself gracefully... that in normal times would have had them meeting the axmen quite a bit earlier..).

But this needs to end soon.... They are soon going to be seriously affecting Pilot season in short order.... That and I want more episodes of my favorite shows!

As a side note here is what I am a "fast consumer" (i.e., doesn't spend much time on my Tivo)

  • Dirty Sexy Money (so deliciously sordid)

  • Chuck (show gets better and better)

  • Reaper (love the Devil)

  • Bionic Woman

  • Heroes (overcame the problems of the first few episodes)

  • Bones (my favorite procedural)

  • NCIS

  • The Office

  • Samatha Who

  • How I Met Your Mother

Everything else is a background show or something to watch during the coming pause.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So in an interesting week of revelations I learn that my roommate hooked-up (aside, in my mind hooked-up means having sex... not so in hers) with my HS buddy last week (mango infused rum. Its dangerous) but I also learned this amusing factoid:

Last year I came home from a Christmas party (a work one) and passed out half naked on the couch.... So then my roommate comes back and learned that I was naked in the most important way... my boys were hanging out and enjoying the breeze. Apparently she was quite shocked and took advantage of meeting some people far, far away from my condo in short order...

I will be teasing her about both of the above for quite some time...

Monday, November 26, 2007


Yeah, I the guy saw enchanted. The date I was with wanted to see a movie (and I wanted to extend the time with that woman) so of all the movies it seemed the best.

And it was GOOD!

It was very self-aware (periodic requests to stop singing), slightly mocking of the genre (you met him yesterday and are getting married today?) but also in the spirit of the genre.

The musical in Central park was awesome, the scene where the city wildlife clean the apartment was great and overall I am throughly impressed.

Yeah, you could tell what was going to happen but you wanted it to happen anyway... heck you expected it to happen.

And they lived happily ever after!