Friday, June 08, 2007


So is it wrong to gloat? Nah. That spoiled princess really needs that time in Jail, not enjoying her time sitting in a house. I would like to believe that it will change her but my instinct is that it will not... She has absolutely no concept of reality (except "reality" shows) and its a grand cosmic joke that she would even claim to complain that something is "not right".
Grow up girl.... and I have a recommendation..... hire a fricking driver, there is absolutely no reason that you should be behind the wheel of any vehicle... EVER.

I am a moron..

What the frack possessed me to go out for a 6 mile run on the hottest (to date) day of the year, in its full Washington (read: muggy beyond belief) glory at noon!?!? But I survived and I suppose I am all the better for it (given that I am training for a marathon in October and hell... I mean Alabama in the middle of the summer... probably really good training for that, though no matter what I do it sucks.).
But at least I will have a fun weekend (which yet again involves getting up early). Tonight is a bday party for a friend of the GF. On Saturday I have to go on a "Staff Ride" tomorrow with a retired general who will be giving us a briefing and then a walking tour of Cold Harbor (which is actually pretty). It could be interesting if it wasn't so darn early. Then another bday party for another of the GF's friends. Sunday its off to Hershey Park.... so ready for some rollercoaster goodness..

Now I just need to cross my fingers that my roommate finds a job, so that I don't have to look for a replacement if she heads up to NYC....

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Are you kidding me? The nuts campaign for Jericho actually worked?!?!??!? CBS must really be worried about their schedule that they are willing to undertake this. Not that I don't appreciate it, since I really, really hated the way that they left it as a question mark.

Now I just need to catch up on some of my summer shows.... Get back up to speed on Stargate, SG: Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica (maybe even get the GF to watch a few with me, irregardless of her aversion to SF) and whatnot.

And since the theme is cancelled shows, I watched last weeks Studio 60.... I will sort of miss it, though they are playing pretty heavy handed here with the captured brother thing....


Such a sad list for me..... On Monday I saw my first movie of the year (hint Hollywood, because I used to be one of your best customers.... to the tune of 100+ movies in the theaters a year) and it was great! And its not like I don't live a 6-7 minute walk from a movie theater or anything.....

Knocked Up was fricking funny. A tad long and maybe dragging at a point or 2 but overall a lot of fun. It handled the situation really well (the pro-life crowd must be so torn by this movie.... the people here represent the lifestyle that they must abhore but they make the correct decision) and also did a great job dealing with relationships after they have been together a while (the sister and her husband). Hopefully my gf recovers her hearing from me laughing so much at this movie.... A very solid A from this very picky reviewer....

Now I really need to see: "Hot Fuzz", "28 Weeks Later", Spiderman 3 and Shrek the 3rd...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Okay, so in the past week or so, 3 articles on our obsession with pets, Lost cat, lost heart, Do Americans love pets too much? , and A Pampered Pet Nation.

Okay, so let me preface this with this.... I love pets... they are fun to interact with, comforting at times and overall a pleasure to have around. I personally have never had a pet (I refuse to count the fish I had as a child or my younger brother...) but am often around those that have them. My last 2 roommates have had cats and they were/are great (Fel is probably the best dog-cat I have ever met (she earns the title for being a extremely social cat)), though I really appreciate the fact that they are not my cats (too much responsibility). I couldn't even imagine having a dog, it would just feel too constraining (having to walk them every day, etc).

But I think that we have gone too far. We are anthro-morphizing these animals... They are not humans.. I think that there are some people that would let a human die in order to protect their pets.. They do serve a purpose but it is pretty disturbing when you think that there are a huge number of animals that get better treatment (in both food and medical terms) than a large component of the population. People are not having children and are instead treating these animals as though they were, buying them toys, daycare(for gods sake, fricking daycare... they are animals, they can survive pretty well on their own), and even (god help us) psychoanalysis. People... please.... for the love of God... If you are going to treat a pet like a child either a) go to your bedroom with your SO and don't come out until you are ready produce some offspring b) adopt c) go volunteer somewhere.... As long as your pet has food, a clean environment, a good chunk of attention every so often they are going to be pretty content. Save the love for humans.

Monday, June 04, 2007


So it was a good weekend. Dinner with the Parents on Friday. Race for the Cure on Saturday morning (bad trend here, waking up earlier on the weekends than on the weekdays) where I got a repspectable 25 minutes. I so know how to run this race now, though I suspect that it will be my last (way too crowded). Amazingly I managed to link back up with everyone that I went there with (my family has a habit of losing people during races.... how they manage not to see me boggles the mind).

Saturday also involved a hike with the GF ( which was kind of fun, to learn some stuff while getting a little walking in. Luckily the rain held off and it was a pretty good event (and the off to one of my favorite bars in Rosslyn, Continental..... love places that have a happy hour on a Saturday (until 9 no less)). Then we popped over to El Pollo Rico for some chicken and fries (awesome stuff) and finished Casino Royale (great movie, enjoyed it a lot.... though I think that modern spycraft isn't as entertaining as it was.... there was a lot of cell phone stealing in this film).

Then I wasted my Sunday. Class Meeting for OCS. At the RTI.... so 3+ hours each way (and in the rain, combined with leaving early (0700)). All for a little over 3 hours of talking... I can't wait until this bit is over. 6 weeks until Phase III. Dinner with the family (GF met my parents... can't have been easy for her). Then it was Clerks II on HD-DVD.... Love Kevin Smith films.

Re-Use of my "Cast of Thousands"

So I went to a really small school (HB Woodlawn, one of the best HS in the area based on the way they rank schools and of course IMNSHO). My graduating class was all of 60 or so people, so even over the years to run into someone who went to my HS its a notable event. And being a big proponent of my school I am on the email listserve for it so as I was reading this latest thread (some people were complaining that this small business owner (actually 2 different ones) decided to mention their businesses and invite the members to come to the store... some moron accused them of spamming the group (though in my mind its no different than the messages that relate to artistic events that former students have undertaken or participated in... I think the inner anti-capitalist comes to the front for some of these people (my school was VERY liberal... and not in the free thinking kind, the dogmatic, lets not listen to the arguments))).
But as it turns out the sister of the woman who posted actually went to Phase I with me last summer in WV (60 people, maybe 10 women, so the name definately popped... turned out she graduated 4 years ahead of me).

Combine that with running into a girl in OCS that I used to work at with at the movie theater and you can't help but remark on how small of a world it is..