Friday, April 04, 2008

Army BOLC II - T-Minus 2 days

Threads..... so many threads that need to be wrapped up before I leave. Thats the trend of the past couple of days (that and a bit of denial.... I still don't have all my packing done and I am leaving in around 24 hours). I did do some packing (mostly my army bits and pieces) and now I need to start getting my other stuff together. Thank god I am driving down to lovely (ha!) Ft. Benning, so I can cram a bunch of crap in my car.
I find that for me the anticipation is the worst for me.... I haven't been getting as much sleep as I should and I have a lingering sense of dread (this is a holdover from my OCS days). When I get there I will find that it wasn't that bad as I was imagining, but for now I just wait in anticipation (and thank god that its not like my OCS classmate who will be doing this same thing in a couple of months, but instead of heading for home after the training is done, he will be heading for Afganistan).

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Life in FFWD

God. It feels like life is on FFWD. I notice that happens a lot when you have a big event coming up... for the longest time it seems so far away, then all of a sudden its right on you and you have no time. It feels like that for me. I am heading away for 7 weeks (then a long weekend and then back down to GA) for Army training. On Saturday. And I haven't even started packing yet. Oh my head hurts.. too much to do, so little time

On the plus side, I plan to blog the whole time. So now the poor DC public is going to see what us Army Officers go through during our training.