Friday, July 24, 2009

The rare Army post

Now that I am finished training you may notice that I am less likely to talk about the Army (for various reasons, ranging from the ever present OPSEC to the near certainty that someone will eventually read my writing (I remember 2 people in BOLC II commenting that they knew about my blog in the parking lot one evening... they thought it was cool since they could point their relatives toward it and not have to describe things in minute)).

I am proud to say that I finally am no longer a "butter bar"!!
Though leave it for the Army to let me know by posting the document in my online file and not notifying me otherwise. I think my CO is going to do something but given that it is pretty much a time in grade promotion I am not making a big deal out of it. Now when I get my Captain bars? Maybe a little party.
Other than that things have been quite on the Army front. I rolled a critical fail on dodging from a task that will have me out at Ft. Hood TX for 10 weeks starting mid-August where I learn the details on the new communication system (can you say lots of time playing video games and working out (good since I have the races in October)? Me and my Xbox 360 will resume our relationship down there.
I also got bumped up to becoming the Executive Officer (XO in military parlance) for my Company so that is going to suck up more time.
The rumor mill continues to mention the possibility of a deployment sometime in 2011, but I am choosing to not address it until I see something concrete.