Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It has to be blackmail.

Almost everyday there is always some reference, quote or clip (in the newspaper, blog or news/newstainment source) from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

And every day that it happens the same thought runs through my head....

"Holy crap, that guy sucks at his job. He is doing the sort of job I would expect myself to do, and I am a introverted computer guy."

followed almost immediately by....

"Whatever piece of blackmail he has on Obama must be fricking impressive for him to keep his job (and this is on a President who admitted to doing marijuana and coke)."

Defense Grid

Yes, I am a big old dork, but I love video games. And in particular ones that require you to think (sometimes under stressful conditions). And this game haunted me. I only just now got it out of my system.
Defense Grid is another "tower defense" games, where you earn credits by killing the bad guys which allows you to build or upgrade more towers. The best of breed of these tower defense games has to be Toy Soldiers, but this one comes in a close second. DG throws in the kicker of periodically allowing you to you use a GDI Laser (or whatever you want to call it, basically a evil laser from the sky that requires time to recharge). Sounds simple, right?
About a dozen hours of gaming later I can assure it is not. I think I went to bed dreaming of this stuff until I got it right. Overall? 4/5 stars. Definitely a good way to spend some time.