Friday, September 26, 2008

New TV Season - Fridays

This is a rare night. One channel, 3 shows. I can hear my Tivo's sigh in relief about this evening.
  • Ghost Whisperer - Yeah... I like JLH.
  • The Ex List - will give it a few eps
  • Numb3rs - Good interplay between the cast. Like the application of Science to real problems.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New TV Season - Thursdays

The only other, all 4 recorders running at the same time day!

  • NBC Comedy block: My Name is Earl, Kath & Kim, The Office and 30 Rock.
  • CSI - It will be interesting to see how Grissom disappears from the show
  • Grey's Anatomy - Yeah I watch it. You got a problem with that?
  • Supernatural - Back from Hell!
  • Life on Mars - I am intrigued. The British version was fun, I will be interested to see how the American on will be.
  • Eleventh Hour - Will give it a try.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New TV Season - Wednesdays

This is a much more relaxing night, though it makes up for it with quality by having 3 shows that I love!
  • Pushing Daisies - Yes, I love this show. Quirky, funny, romantic, and just plain clever. I eagerly await the return of the Piemaker and his motley crew.
  • Dirty Sexy Money - Delightfully sinful. Willing to take every cliche and hyper-extend it. I can't wait to see more of the Darling's exploits.
  • Bones - Love Bones. The interplay of the characters is fun. The season opener in London was entertaining ("lets get out of here before someone else dies").
  • Knight Rider - Will give it a shot
  • Private Practice - Why not, just as background TV
  • CSI:NY - Same as above.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New TV Season - Tuesdays

Hopefully today goes better than the disaster that was yesterday.

Tuesday is a bit less busy than Monday (what day isn't this season?)
  • NCIS - Yep. I watch it and enjoy it.
  • House - Fun.
  • 90210 - On the bubble about this one. Currently use it as a background show.
  • Priveleged - I LOVE this show. by far the best of the breed.
  • Fringe - Looks like it has everything. I think that it just needs a bit more to "click"
  • Mentalist - I will give it a look. Deep six otherwise.
  • Eli Stone - cute show. Definitely low tier but fun to watch.

Car Free?

I went car free yesterday, though for me it isn't that hard. During the week my car will probably move 2, maybe 3 times (grocery store and maybe gym). When you live 3/4 mile from work and have a gym that is 1/2 mile away there can be many days where you can do without a car.

Ironically I do this and I have one of the most efficient cars out there, a Prius.


Dear Verizon FIOS... Perhaps changing the location of all the channels on the first day of the new TV Season was NOT a good idea. While I appreciate the additional HD Channels (SF Channel HD!!!) I do not appreciate that my poor Tivo's were very perplexed by this change. Read that as, I will be d/l-ing every show that was on last night since I was out of the condo yesterday evening (and I don't generally watch live TV so I was very perplexed when I saw no new shows on my Tivo's when I got back).

Monday, September 22, 2008

New TV Season - Mondays

And now to ignore all the political stuff and focus on what I find very important, the new TV Season! A bit late given the early start by the CW and Fox, but now that the teeth of things are starting:

What I will be watching (I am going to break :

Monday - Holy crap this is an awesome night (thank god for my Tivo Series 3 HD boxes, 2 channels per box)

  • My Own Worst Enemy - should be interesting to see how it plays out. Slater looks to be a good addition to the TV lineup and the story sounds intriguing.
  • CBS - pretty much the entire night. This may be the best night for comedy on. Big Bang Theory, How I Met your Mother, Two and a Half Men, and the new show Worst Week.
  • Samantha Who - Loved the show when it was on earlier!
  • Boston Legal - the last year. I will miss it when it goes off the air. I predict that the ending scene will be the Alan and Denny drinking scotch on the balcony. It would be fitting.
  • Heroes - Looking forward to seeing how they can redeem themselves this season.
  • Chuck - really looking forward to the new season.
  • Gossip Girl - good for the images (what can I say, I am a guy and there are some fine looking women in this show) and for the teen drama.
  • CSI Miami - I will have it on the background while doing other things. This is the show that I dump if I start running low on space (maybe after watching the first few minutes for the "Horatio Gaze." (which is absolutely hilarious to me))- I will have it on the background while doing other things. This is the show that I dump if I start running low on space (maybe after watching the first few minutes for the "Horatio Gaze." (which is absolutely hilarious to me))

Yes... I am a TV whore. Good old DVR's allow me to have a life though. Must... resist... temptation... to buy more storage capacity for my Tivo's......