Thursday, September 20, 2007

Running will be the death of me

So I did my longest run on Tuesday (I know this since Lance Armstrong told me so in my earphones (Nike+ iPod pedometer... cool and useful toy)). 15.2 miles!@ I did walk the last mile or so (the infamous runners trot made it painful to run).

Then I stopped in at my parents (they are on my way home to my condo). Then the nausea hit, followed by the headache.... then I felt too hot.... then I shifted to intensely cold (like teeth chattering cold....) My parents (mom is an RN) were really concerned. I was able to shove a little food down (strawberries and cookies plus some tea) and then spent the next 2 hours curled up on the couch at my parents shivering even though I had a heavy sweatshirt on and a blanket covering me.

I then got home at around 1130, took a shower, let work know that it was unlikely that they would see me tomorrow and then curled up in bed with the sheets around me..

And I am already planning on running further next Tuesday.... I think I am insane..... And to think in a little over a month I intend to do 11 more miles than I just did in the Marine Corp Marathon....

Monday, September 17, 2007


A free weekend. What a novel thing. After having things scheduled for the past 3 weekends without end, and my schedule is starting to look full in the future it was refreshing to finally have a weekend to enjoy.

I started it off by heading to Continental after the Gym to enjoy their happy hour with my GF (though the beers were up to par the food wasn’t as good as it has been). An early evening then off to bed.

GF took off early to go volunteer. Then I slept in, laid around for quite some time (read, watch some TV, played Bioshock). Then a nice afternoon run, popped over to the parents for dinner (burgers) the off to see a movie over at AMC Hoffman. The computers were down there again (do they ever work?) so we just barely made it inside for the show. Though it was worth it…. “Superbad” was awesome. One of the best teen movies that I have seen, period. I think that it helped that all of the cast were much more typical and less glossy than some of the normal teen fare and that the writing was excellent and really captures kids at that age.

After a lazy startup we went to Alexandria for brunch on Sunday. We went to Pat Troys for the food (I had a really good Irish breakfast). Then we spent several hours strolling around, checking out shops and just enjoying the fantastic day.

After a quick recharge (nap for GF, visit to the gym for me) we then headed over to Talula’s Eat Bar to check out a showing of one of the best movies ever… “Goonies”. I liked a lot of what they had there and the popcorn and other treats were a nice touch. Will definitely have to hit it again in the future.
A little bit of Emmy’s and then bed. A very fine weekend.