Thursday, May 21, 2009

Upfronts: Fox

  • Really only one sad note. Poor Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Good show. I would have liked to have seen it play out a bit more
  • Dollhouse. Really, it still is a a happy note, even now... A pleasant surprise. A rare survivor of the "Death Slot" aka the slot that Fox sends SF shows off to its early death.
  • Fringe. Really good. Took a bit to catch but I really enjoy it now.
  • 24 - needs to redeem itself for the meek ending of the last season
  • Bones - solid fun TV
  • Human Target - could be interesting
  • Family Guy - seems to be on a steady decline.
  • All the new shows. As always, the jury is out. Will I watch them? Yes. Will I give them much of a chance? Nope....

NBC Upfronts

  • Chuck. I know kung-fu.... 'nuff said!!
  • 30 Rock and The Office. Solid comedy.
  • Heroes. I want to see how this goes. It got a lot better in the second half of the season.
  • Day One. Intrigued am I...
  • Parks and Recreation. Just not impressed.
  • My Name is Earl. Probably should die but this show, like According to Jim, has nine lives and will reappear on another network.
  • Jay Leno - Dude.... you just killed like 6 hours of prime time scripted TV. You and your jaw are officially on my shit list. Right above reality TV.
We shall see
  • whatever else new. Other than Day One nothing really leaps at me. Hopefully the new comedy on Thursday is better than the drek that was Kath and Kim.... Talk about a low bar....

CW Upfronts

Since I am displeased, lets start out with the ugly...
  • They killed Privileged.... :( Cute show, well written and entertaining. One of the closest sucessors to Gilmore Girls.
  • And Reaper... not quite so tragic but still entertaining
  • How is One Tree Hill still alive?
  • And the same to Smallville.....


  • Supernatural got renewed. At least one more year of fun
  • Gossip Girl is also coming back. Another no brainer....

Meh, we shall see

  • Vampire Diaries. Somehow it just feels like Twilight, the TV Show.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CBS Upfronts

Yes, I am doing these out of order... It's my blog and I will blog when I want to


  • Well, Amazing Race got another season. Hands down the best Reality show on TV so that is always exciting, since it always seems to be on the bubble....
No Surprise But Happy that I get more of them
  • Big Bang, HIMYM, 2.5 Men, NCIS, the CSI's (more meh than anything, but good background), Numb3rs
  • Much as I appreciate JLH breasts, Ghost Whisperer needs to crossover into the light.
  • Same to you Medium. Time to move on to the next plane.
  • Everything new. I might watch it (and NCIS spinoff will get a real look) but nothing to get worked up over.

ABC Upfronts...

Ah, the exciting times for a Media Addict. While we have gotten early confirmation that some bubble shows (Chuck, Better off Ted, Dollhouse) have been renewed it is interesting to see where it all fits together...

Yep, late.... busy at work....

  • Better off Ted is coming back!!
  • V, Flash Forward and Eastwick all look like they are worth a look.
  • Looking forward to the last season of Lost!
  • Jim is dead.... now we cut off the head, sew in Garlic to the mouth and bury it in a crossroads and hope it stays there.

Apathy/no surprise

  • Grey's, Private Practice, Brothers and Sisters. And that's pretty much all other than the above that I watch...
  • The new sitcoms... I will give them a try, but I am not expecting much...


  • Samantha Who?.... Cute show. While not tragic,
  • Scrubs - Was this necessary? While I love me some Scrubs, this years ending felt like so perfect of an ending that this just leaves me conflicted...

Monday, May 18, 2009

MCM Historic Half

What a difference training can make. Final result time of 2:14:04, a 10:15 pace for 13.1 miles (including the grueling 10-11 mile stretch where it seemed to be constantly uphill). That represents a good 11 minute decrease from the National Half Marathon. And of course it didn't also come with the near shock levels of reaction that I had to the last race (I was in seriously bad shape at the end of the National HM... like sick for 2 days bad).

And what a difference competant management can make. Adequate water, poweraide, and even sports beans at one point. None of this running out of cups crap like at the National Marathon. Strong presense of volunteers, no shortage of medical personnel, and a well organized ending. It was downright refreshing.

Though I could have done with a little less rain. I was a serious drowned rat by the end of the run, with a period intense rain just as I got to the downtown proper area. I literally wrung my pants out a couple of times during the race and my feet were soaked halfway through. I know that on some level I had more confidence on this court because I used to live in (and run around) Fredericksburg so most of the course was known to me. The course itself was nice, relatively flat, plenty of interesting things to look at and (given the hour and weather on a Sunday) a good crowd of supporters.

A very pretty course and I highly encourage people to do it, it was a great race and course.