Friday, June 29, 2007

Too easily amused.

so the GF is taking care of a friends dogs for the past couple of days.....

And yep... I sent the following last night after stopping by and letting them out for a bit...

Subject: Who let the dogs out?

I let the dogs out. Woof woof!

Nope, still hasn't gotten old.

And thats not counting the times that I have gone "woof woof" when she has said in conversations that she "needs to go and let the dogs out"..

Ah the simple pleasures in life.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

World is small

so I Facebook.... I am fascinated by it and other social networking sites (you name it and I probably have a profile on it)...
Today in adding a friend of my older brother's, AR, I got a message from a girl I went on a few dates with a couple of months ago who also knows AR...... such a small world, noted here, here and here

Oh and ..... GO DC UNITED... a little rain delay seemed to have helped them... 4-1.... NICE!
Too bad my boys in Red White and Blue couldn't pull it off too. Though the victory over Mexico last Sunday assuages some of that angst....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So I am all about religious freedom. It’s the most basic foundation of this country. But the practice of the burka (or nijab or whatever) goes too far... We also live in a free society where there is accountability and individuality of our actions. The very fact of obscuring the face, of turning women into something in the background makes the bile rise into my throat. And then you toss in my standard concerns about security (ummm... yes... it was the person wearing the black burka... that’s just a threat). And you add in how important eye and face contact is here in one of the most Western of countries, where looking the other person in the face is so key to establishing relationships and trust...

Ugh, this reminds me of how its trying to creep into the States (and for the most part we are holding our ground.... for things from a pure security point of view (I am still in shock/awe that one woman down in Florida wanted her Drivers License to have her wearing a veil....)). There is accommodation and then there is adaptation. This is yet another example of how the US is no longer the melting pot that we are so proud of.... not in the world of instant communication and the ever shrinking niche groups.

Fracking Hot

And what is my brain telling me? That I need to go for a run? I must be on crack.... DC Weather is just short of Hell today... Definately an indoor run.

So I survived the weekend (which, par for the course, wasn't as bad as I built it up to be). Lots of fun at the range (and actually learned something useful for my career, how to run a range). Qualified in my first shoot (which is why I will never wear glasses for shooting... I had the worst time qualifying during basic because of them). Passed my APFT (though I still need to watch what I eat since I get weighed at Phase III too).

Watched a depressing movie last night (Catch And Release). Perhaps not the best movie to watch with your GF. Nothing like a movie where the guy dies right before the wedding to make women nervous. I really did like Kevin Smiths character though... he is so one of my favorite people in Hollywood. On the plus side my Tivo Series 3 is working again (the replacement finally showed up and I got it operational on Monday.... and then Comcast had to send people out to call this in(to reactivate my Cablecards into the new Tivo).... Even the techs were calling this retarded).

Two great places to eat that I have been at:
  • The Italian Store - LOVE this place. Best subs around and some of the best Pizza outside NYC.
  • Lost Dog Cafe - Best beer selection in Arlington. The Dog Collars were great... tabasco + onion rings. And the Pizza was top notch.