Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How the Army Plans a night out

Information has been redacted to protect the innocent (or in the case of some of the characters, not so innocent).

So, its the middle of Christmas party season and if we don't plan a night out on the town, its just not going to happen. So, here is the concept of the operation:

1) Meet up at 1730 ** DEC 2007 at ORP *** Street.
2) Consume pregame drinks and argue about who can build a better fire or about the playoffs or any other such stuff.
3) At 1930 ** DEC 2007 we cross the LD and board waiting trans to *** for *** at ***.
4) 2100 ** DEC 2007 pass phase line green and head to wicked good House party in nearby **. (We will bring our own beer to make our arrival more welcome.)
5) Operation talk with strangers will then proceed until 2300 ** DEC 2007 when we board provided trans for last time for a ride to ***.
6) 2330 ** DEC 2007 Alpha Team arrives at Phase Line Red to begin assault on ***. Likely targets include
***, *** and ***.

7) LOA - 0200
** DEC 2007 Trans back to ORP *** for rest and recovery.

It's a plan everyone can love!

Commander's Intent - Kick Ass time with flexibilty for opting in for any portion.

Safety Considerations: By hiring a large SUV for trans we get everyone home safely and get to feel like rock stars for a few hours.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I was seated at a party, talking about what I do to the woman next to me, when my date proudly also mentions that I was in the National Guard. Promptly the woman next to me said, "Oh! I am sorry" To which I quickly replied that "I wasn't, I volunteered after 9/11 and am proud of my service." (suprisingly for me since I am normally a bit slow on the comebacks)

Then she asked if I had been deployed. Of course I hadn't and said that I still needed more training. Of course she said "I bet you are hoping that we pull out of Iraq as quickly as we can". (on a roll here, unusual) I stated that "Actually I would like to finish the job and leave Iraq in a stable state, better than we found it"... Then noting the nudge from my date I dropped the line...

It took me quite a while to get over the shock of the first response.. I didn't even mention it for a couple of days since I was kind of stewing over it.

God save me from Liberal idiots...