Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watchmen and other Recent Pop Culture stuff.

The GF (who now bears the name of CG, Cupcake Girl) and I went to see Watchmen on Friday.
All I can say is whoah! That is a whole lot of blue penis.... (there may have been blue balls (hehe...) but in the standard hetero manner all I saw is penis and I then had to reframe what I saw of the scene). They may as well call it the blue penis movie....

After that it was off to drill (oh yeah, I am in a good mood this week... nothing like 2 workweeks sandwiching a weekend where I am under even more stress than while at work.). I didn't even get back until around 10 PM since for some reason we decided that it was a good idea to run a land navigation course from 1300-1700 on a Sunday afternoon, so of course it ran long.

Some of the shows on my hot watch (shows that do not sit on my Tivo for any period of time)
  • 24 - The wait was long but OMG.... this season has been awesome! Is it wrong that I want to see bad things happen to the Senator (Red from That 70's Show) and Janeane Garofalo(who joined the show because she hated Jack Bauer!)? Nope, not really..
  • Lost - It really has picked up this season. I watch it every week with CG and the twists and turns are a lot of fun!
  • Life on Mars - Poor show. I liked it. At least it gets a chance for a graceful exit.
  • Chuck - Please do not cancel it. This show is great TV!
  • Gossip Girl - Another fun series. I am so not in the target demo, but it is still entertaining to watch.
  • Dollhouse - Love it! Like all Whedon shows, it takes a bit to "burn in" and establish itself.