Monday, October 26, 2009

Marine Corp Marathon

So, in compliance with Operation RFR, I rany the MCM yesterday. Great experience. I was on a 10:30 pace until Mile 18.5 (where everything seem to cramp up.... thigh, calf, and groin... and weirdest of all? Both my biceps and my one of my pecs.... they also cramped up at the end as well. I am so glad that I didn't face plant when it happened). Everything past that was power walking (I tried running a bit, but more than a 1/4 mile and everything cramped up).

The only issue that I noted in the entire race? At the beginning the race started on both side of the road... The left entry chute into the Start gate was twice as large as the one on the right... Kind of frustrating (and completely ruins the whole concept of starting people in flights when you have runners twice as slow crossing the start).

My parents met me at the beginning and the end, and Cupcake Girl met me there as well as the 10 and the 16 mile points.

Final Time? 5:17. Almost exactly a 12 minute pace. I think I will let that stand as my best (and only) marathon time!