Friday, August 21, 2009


How odd is it that it is cooler here in Texas than back in DC?
Last week me and the GF (Cupcake Girl.... she keeps shooting for a new nickname but that is not happening) drove from DC to Ft. Hood Texas.... Not too bad of a drive actually... lots of good food along the way (the main fast food/chains that we hit was Sonic and Cracker Barrel... all the other meals were local places). 36 hours, 1400 miles (at a good 45mpg) and we finally got in, got a place to stay for the night and then hit Austin for a whirlwind tour. One nice long walk and an awesome brunch (very Texas with lots of bbq).

Sadly the material I am learning here is very basic by my standards. Stuff that, while I never really learned it (like the ins and outs of IOS (Cisco's operating system for its routers) has never really been in my required learning sphere and is really meant for a lower tier technology type person... why half the class is officers (8 Commissioned, 2 Warrants and 6 enlisted) boggles my mind. All I know is that this stuff makes me look like a genius (because while I don't know the material I understand the foundations and have learned a lot of OS's, shells and programming languages over the years, this is just another one). That and things like binary arithmetic are pretty much second nature at this point. Oh well, hopefully I will get something out of this course that is costing me so many opportunities (I cannot even bring myself to mention them since I am still so angry that I am here and not taking advantage them).

BTW, my favorite line that I have uttered about Army bases? Me to CG - "You will never see so many uterus's in use in any other place other than around a major army base."