Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

11 years. That's how long it has been since I have been here (back right after my brothers college graduation). I have driven past it countless times in the past couple of years, but this past weekend the GF and I decided to make it a long weekend (since one of the days of my drill weekend was a family day) and head there on Monday.

Overall? Less than impressed. The beer tour is gone (something I didn't know until I looked online trying to figure out where it was in the park), which I find a sorely missed item. We did pick a good time to head there, Monday was a day that allowed us to walk up to pretty much any attraction.

I think overall I am less of a fan of Busch Gardens because they are following the classical amusement park model, separating the water park from the main park. I understand that Water Country USA is supposed to be pretty darn good, but I have never been there. I much prefer when they are in one park (like Kings Dominion).

The rides themselves? Great! Almost all of them were new to me. Griffon was cool, Alpengeist remains a serious shakeup, Loch Ness remains a pretty cool ride, and Apollo's Chariot is seriously a cool fast ride.

A fun way to spend a day but it will be a long time before this Arlington boy head to BG, particularly since you have to drive past Kings Dominion to get there (at half the distance).