Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dear Hilton, you suck!

And I don't mean you Paris... I have nothing personal against you, just the hotel chain that bears your name.

Being the frugal individual that I am, and finding that I have to spend yet another night down in Hampton, VA for Army duty (I am not a morning person... yes, I know.. Some would think that to be a job requirement for the Army) as I often drive down at night and get a good nights sleep. And just for grins I look and see if I can get a better hotel than what I can see price-wise at So off to Priceline. And lo and behold, I get a room at the Hilton Garden Inn in Hampton (Coliseum) for the same price as La Quinta or Days Inn.

After driving down on Friday to avoid the traffic I get in at ~2315. I am dog tired from a long week of work as well as getting some work done for my graduate classes, I just wanted to sleep. Check in, get my card and head to my room. I open the door enough to see the bathroom open with someones stuff and a query of who was there. Stormed back to the front desk, informed them that the room was unoccupied. After a little time a new key was issued, and off I went again.

Naively I assumed that there was no way that this could happen twice. I have spent hundreds of days in hotels in my life and this was the first time this had ever happened. But as you can see, I was proven wrong.... Door number 2 opened up to a young woman at the far side of the room, apparently getting ready for bed (dressed in sleeping clothes, not naked). I immediately started cursing, slammed the door and tromped back to the Front Desk. Key number 3 didn't work on the door and there was room service items outside the door, so I aborted back to the front desk yet again. My irritation was at a peak.

Finally I was escorted by a manager (who had been called in as I was not the only person playing the mystery door game) who, ironically, was the mom of the girl I walked in on. Who validated that the room was, in fact, empty. And of course? The TV didn't work. 45 minutes after I first checked in I finally had a room that I immediately passed out in (after setting the lock and the door stop).

I only now have the time to deal with this... Though I am disappointed that at no time since then did Hilton contact me....