Tuesday, July 03, 2007

United Flight 93

So now that I have had a day or more to process it I can write a bit about it.
On the way back from Pittsburgh we took US-30 for a more scenic route back. And then I saw the sign and pointed it out to the GF. She then asked me if I wanted to go, and to be completely honest I hesitated.... I had to take a second to think about it but after a little consideration I decided that I could handle the place. So then I indicated that we should head over (its about 3 miles off US-30). We didn't talk much on the way in, a little mention of "United 93" (which I still haven't worked up the nerve to watch... I may watch it in the next couple of weeks before I head off for AT) but overall it was a quite drive in.

The memorial is pretty moving. I know that there are plans for a formal monument/park and I am sure that it will be very tasteful and respectful, but the one that is there now is very raw... You can still feel the respect and sadness people feel about this event.

I don't think I spoke more than a handful of words while at the site. I really felt that I opened my mouth too much I would probably end up crying, since it was such a moving place. We took in the views from the site, looked at the memorial wall where people still place objects and checked out the plaques that were placed there. The whole time that I was there I felt that I was on the edge of crying. We stayed about 15 minutes and then resumed our ride home. I don’t think I talked until we were about 10 miles away…

I didn't take any pictures there (and neither did the GF). It just didn't feel appropriate. Maybe for some people it is but in my heart I will always remember the place and don't need pictures of the place... it just seems macabre.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

After my fun in Pittsburgh (and an EXCELLENT meal at Generous George's in Alexandria) the GF and I went off to see the late showing ofDie Hard 4 at AMC Hoffman 22 (love this theater... so brings back the majesty of the movie theater). Surprisingly packed (we got just about the last 2 person spot in the theater).

So first of course as a native Washingtonian let me just rant for a little..... I HATE it when they use stand-in cities for my hometown (at least this one didn't have any Metro scenes.... those are just too painful when you have the BART or LA Subway standing in). Skyscrapers, odd toll lanes in odd tunnels, street names that don't exist.... ugh.... And the bad-guy helo's would so not have been able to get into the areas that it did (can you say interdicted airspace?)... And then you toss the whole cyber part in.... its not like I don't work in this field or anything.... too many things to comment on there.

That said..... almost the perfect summer movie. Excellent pace, cast was perfect (even down to my boy, Kevin Smith, as Morlock - the super hacker)... it was smooth... the pacing was excellent (never a glance at watch/phone moment), the requisite catch-phrases, plot made some sense and above all was well nigh-perfect on the whole stunts and effects category (they so deserve something when the Oscars come around).

9/10... An instant classic summer movie.


(with an "h".. the German in me just wants to leave it off apparently)
So this weekend I agreed to go with the GF to a family event in Pittsburgh. I decided that since she has met my family (the joys of living close to home) that it was only fair (and now since I learned on Friday that I would have to cancel on our beach trip (thank you Uncle Sam for scheduling a fricking physical at the last minute on me) that it was early pennance for that).

So after stopping at this cute little breakfast place in Gaithersburg it was on to Pburgh... Met the whole slew of family that day and next. Experience Eat 'N Park and then got a slew of Smile cookies to bring home (or to attempt... very few of them survived the trip home..).

Me and a Smiley:
(Special note... don't do this to someone while driving..... the car moved in bad way when she saw me do this to her on the trip back)

Then it was a quick stop for shopping (hello outlet mall..... me and mr Amex got a little workout and my wardrobe increased) and then home.