Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Firestorm (Destroyermen #6)


Firestorm (Destroyermen #6)

Can things get worse? For the crew of Walker and her allies, the only answer is yes. Now solidly engaged in a two front war against opponents that individually outnumber the entire alliance, the scope of this story continues to grow (my biggest concern is that every books seems to be making the scope bigger! There really doesn't appear to be an end in sight).

Now forced to stave off an attack by the Holy Dominion while simultaneously continuing to strike at the Grik, the story is steadly expanding to a global scope. The focus of this book is the expansion of air. Both by the HD with their trained attack flying Grik and by the Grik themselves with the introduction of Zeppelins developed by the Japanese cruisermen.

The best part is the Captain Reddy finally gets to be reunited with his love, even if just for a little while.

Split Infinity (Apprentice Adept #1)

Split Infinity  (Apprentice Adept, #1)

Split Infinity (Apprentice Adept #1)

SF can be tricky stuff, particularly when you start reaching for books that were printed more than a decade ago. Some books just age well, some just look like giant piles of stinking poo. Split Infinity, written more than 25 years ago, has aged well. The lumping together of Science Fiction and Fantasy can be frustrating to fans of one genre or the other, but this books manages to span the two genres.

We are introduced to Stile, who is a serf on the SF world of Proton. Due to a number of various issues he literally stumbles across to the Fantasy world of Phaze, where he uses the various skills he acquired on Proton, and a lucky dose of magic, to learn more about the world. Along the way we learn the back story of Stile, his training and history as well as more information about the Phaze. Stile is fantastically lucky with the ladies, he seems unable to enter situations where at least one woman doesn't become enamored with him. As well, Stiles also appears to be among the most powerful of Phaze, an Adept, with ready access to magic.

A great story as Stile meets unicorns, robots and werewolves and continues to "know thyself" as well as balance his life in both worlds.



Republic by 

Civil war is not the way to go. Particularily if you are a small state, not prepared and have little support from anyone around you.

West Virginia in this tale has suffered an increasing number of indignities by the federal government. In this case a crony of the President closes the major employer in a small WV town and plans to move it overseas. After the people of the town reject that decision, even going to the point of breaking into the plant and pretending that things were okay, the favorite bogeyman of the far Right (and the far Left), DHS, storms the place and kills some of the occupiers.  Things go downhill from there....

The characters introduced are likable and, since most of them are military people, quite relateable to me. The author constructs situations where I as a Army NG Officer am forced to sit back and think what I would do in a similar situation (the most notable was the Army CPT intervenes when DHS agents randomly round up all middle-eastern males over 13 by kicking in doors and dragging them out).

Events slowly escalate to the point where WV makes the decision to secede and the author plays out the eventual result of that action (of a state poorly prepared, with little munitions and fuel, no real outside support, forces that are in shreds due to desertions due to torn loyalties, and facing the the Active Duty Armed Forces). A solid read that kept me turning the page to see how it played out.

Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress #1)

Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress, #1)

Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress #1) by Jeaniene Frost

This was a heck of a fun read. This book introduces Catherine Crawfield, a half-vampire Vampire hunter. While sometimes the vampire thing seems a bit played out, Cat is an interesting twist. The whole vampire mythology is pretty much mainline (super strength, ability to confuse minds, super-healing, and of course the whole blood sucking thing. The devil in these stories is in the details, like the fact that Vamp's are only susceptible to silver and wither away when killed.) the idea of the halfbreed is more open to interpretation.

Cat is the product of a vampire rape (which apparently has to occur in the short period of a less than a week from being turned) who is raised by her mother. At 16 she finally told how she came to being and is put on the path to staking every vampire she can get her hands on. The story finds us joining her at age 22, with quite a collection of vampires laying around her grandparents farm. Everything was going well until she picks up her next victim, Bones.

We learn more about Bones and his particular quest and, as so often happens in these sorts of tales,  eventually there develops a romantic interest. Luckily the seemingly required erotic bits are short and not too painful to listen to.

The events in the story quickly escalate and are well written. But the jewel of the story is Cat, quippy and fun to listen to (ala Buffy), which ensures that I will be taking on the next book shortly.