Monday, August 22, 2011


I am a lucky dude. One of the 4 people from my unit who is handling things here in Kandahar happens to be a CW4 that I have worked closely with for the past few years so he hooked me up. Instead of spending the time here in the transient barracks (no real security and just a big open bay, right next to the infamous Kandahar "Shit Pool" (the sewage treatment is all done on base, inside the security perimeter. Which leads to some vile odors to put it mildly....)) he offered me the spare bed in his room.

Right after getting in we secured my bags and got breakfast, then it was time for a nap (aka making up for the past night non-rest). When I finally came out of my coma Chief gave me the tour of the base, got some dinner and then checked out the Boardwalk (a bunch of businesses all located around a big square). A brief stop in the USO to make some calls home and get a brief taste of the Internet and then back to bed.

And then the alarm went off, "Rocket Attack.". After proceeding to the bunker it eventually came out that the rocket landed somewhere nearby but since we heard no explosion it appeared to be a dud. Finally after about 45 minutes we got the all clear and went back to bed.

Tuesday was more Counter IED Training. Slightly different than the one I got at Camp Shelby, with a little more focus on Afghanistan threats. And as a bonus practical demonstration, the Taliban decided to shoot 2 rockets at the base, causing us to have an unexpected 50 minute break. We then checked out the Asian DFAC (some are US themed, some European and at least course Asian) for dinner. Afterward I worked with Chief in getting the IT stuff moved in preparation for their coming move next week.

Wednesday was more of helping out Chief on the move. And a little exploring (plus a little bit of getting lost). Thursday and Friday were spent taking an IMO (information management officer) course and were fairly uneventful (aka no rocket attacks). On Friday night I got scheduled for a CH-47 (Chinook, twin rotor helicopter) the next morning out to my FOB.