Friday, May 23, 2008

BOLC II - Last Week and Final Thoughts

So the 7 week adventure/endurance expercise draws to an end.

Equipment has been cleaned and turned in, a whole day is allocated to cleaning weapons, goodbyes are exchanged (though in the standard Army tradition of schools very few will keep in touch). Though you will probably run into them later at other schools or at the oddest places. We had our final release run (4 miles at a 8:45 pace) on Wednesday, met the DCG of the base, and then made sure our paperwork is inline.

BOLC II has been an interesting and frustrating experience. I can understand why the Army added this course. It brings people from all commissioning sources, everything from those with extensive enlisted experience to wet behind the ears straight out of college (and the academy). Everyone comes to their branch with different experiences and this also forces the different branches to mingle (we had pretty much every branch here that has to attend except for Legal) and work with each other to build cohesion as well as cross-train each other. I would say that I came out a stronger soldier, but I think that there are things that they could have done differently that would have further enhanced the leadership building that these new leaders require.

A short 12 hour drive home (HAH!) and then I can relax until Tuesday, when Signal BOLC III starts.

Monday, May 19, 2008


3 new ones over the weekend and another one on Monday (gotta love getting free from work so early)
  • Smart People - I really liked this one. Dark. Smart. Anything that has a book called "You don't know how to read." 4/5
  • Leatherheads - Actually more entertaining than I thought it would be. 2.5/5
  • 21 - LOTS of fun. I really enjoyed this movie. Though lets not forget that I love Vegas and gambling. And have friends who are gamblers who make a good living.
  • Harold and Kumar: Escape from Gitanimo Bay - Entertaining as well. Watched the movie all by myself (no one else in the theater). I love when that happens. I think I enjoyed this more than the first one actually.


So as a male (basically 32yo) most of my previous roommates/renters have been women (for the past 3 years). The question to the Internets? Does this hurt me dating-wise? Lets presume that I am pretty indifferent to roommate, as long as the check clears and they are conscientious (clean and not really loud, etc) I can pretty much have anyone. I just tend to go for the first reasonable option and that is just the way that the dice have rolled as of late.

I ask of course since I am in the process of getting a new roomies as the current one is heading toward larger pastures (read NYC).