Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a wierd election...

Hell froze over.....

I voted for Hillary Clinton....

I think I will leave the above statement above all alone... Since if I had to take a bet 6 months ago I wouldn't have taken the odds of the above being reality.
I picked her since I felt that she represented the best contender for the Democrats... (yes there was a secondary hope/belief that McCain facing her stood a better chance, but I had to go that way since I evaluated the candidates on whom I would find palatable as my next CinC... and I so wanted Oboma as far away as I can keep him.... even if that woman wins.....)

Monday, February 11, 2008


First off, I must say that I bet my roommate will have a definite pause when she next plans to go to Vermont.... How many people can say that they got stung by a Wasp... In Vermont.... Indoors (most believable part).... in February... And the day before she gets run over by my run-away ski (first run of the day on some demo's on a green. I wipe out, look uphill and think "wow, that ski is really covered, all I can see is the binding". Then walk up, see that all that is there is the binding (which of course since that is where the ski brake is meant that it kept going). Then I look downhill and see that my roommate is sprawled out as well. Yep, she was hit by my ski before it richoted off the mountain.). Then I get to take my first (and hopefully only) tobogan ride down the mountain courtesy of the ski patrol (I wasn't injured but it was the only way down with the broken equipment).... interesting experience, but freezing since the SP person basically kicks a ton of snow at you... I had a face that was covered in ice by the time I got to the bottom.

Other than the perilious trips both in and out of Vermont (so much driving on the snow while it was snowing.... in my FWD Prius..... I was toast after I finished those segments) it was a lot of fun (even the .3 mile uphill walk to get to my Uncle's house, since there was no way my car was going to make it past 2 switchbacks). 2 Days of downhill skiing (at Stowe... Never have I skiied on so much powder) and then a day of cross country skiing (lesson and then applying that lesson.. having never done it before I REALLY like it and will do it again).

Gotta love vacations where you come back more tired than when you left (though I also appreciate the other option as well).