Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Living in a bubble

Every so often you come to realize that you live in a bubble. Particularly when you step outside it for a while.

Today was my first day of classes at GMU for the semester. I have decided to continue taking classes there and get another degree (in Information Systems Security and Assurance). Since I work in the government with everyone I deal with having a security clearance you sometimes really forget the makeup up the IT world. Boy did I get a reminder today. Of the 36 people in my class there were 3 white guys, one Asian, and EVERYONE else was from India.... Before I joined the government (almost 6 years now.. wow...) I used to work commercial clients and I guess I didn't notice and forgot. Its just jarring to pop out the norm that you get so used to..

Its pretty sad that there aren't more American Citizens in the class. I don't remember the numbers but the participation of AmCits in higher education (in particular the useful ones like engineering and science) is dreadfully low. I get scared for our future sometimes, since it seems that entertainment and education are one of our main exports, but eventually that will be produced elsewhere.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Awesome weekend! (I am a Lieutenant now)

Before I say anything else, here I am as the end result of 22 months of hard work!

So I had the pleasure of starting my weekend early, with Thursday night spent at the Zoo (at the very drinky event of Brew at the Zoo).
Then a WAY too early morning drive down for an 0800 report time down at Ft. Pickett.
Lots of inspections of the uniforms, practice for the graduation and the minutia that is required for these events. And very quickly it was Saturday Morning.
At 1230 I met with my parents and GF, went to the chapel and signed my life away for the next 6 years. I was very lucky in that my father, a retired LCDR from the Navy, was permitted to swear me in.
Then a little more dead time, then the ceremony, which was really nice. I actually won an award (Academic Leader) and then had the pleasure of having both my parents pin my 2nd Lieutenant bars onto my shoulder. Then a nice dinner in downtown Blackstone and a ride home.
Believe it or not I went for a 12.5 mile run Sunday morning (still training for the MCM). We also had a great dinner with 2 of the other 2LTs and their family's over at Ft. McNair in the evening. Lots of fun to be had by all!