Friday, June 01, 2007


So after a 8 year break, my gf R dragged me to my first concert in a long time (I was aiming for the decade mark but since she is all about Wolf Trap and it cost me nothing I was down with it). I did pick up a bottle of wine (a pink pinot grigio) and did drive to the event but it was basically free for me. We saw "Huey Lewis & The News", a group that I had never seen live (since my live list is pretty short). I think things were better in that instead of "rushing the lawn" we went to one of her friends place and ate there (as the insects tried to eat me.... I am starting to come up with a hate-hate relationship with nature...).

Other than that, caught up on some TV (Boston Legal Finale), introduced my roommate and gf to Settlers of Catan on the XBOX360 and started some new books.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


So now that I have your attention.... On Saturday I get to run in a 5K for one of my favorite causes (and favorite part of the body), the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Of course I use "run" since there are so many people along the course that running really isn't an option for the first mile or so (as you shuffle, jog, and dodge your way around the course). But its a good cause (any cause that protects breasts has my support!) and its fun to do since most of my family participates (this year almost everyone will be there, 2 of my younger brothers and my parents).

I am currently getting myself ready for a number of races/athletic activities. Right now of course I am getting ready for my APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) that I need to pass in order to go to Phase III of OCS..... I am so being careful at most points, lots of running, real close monitoring of my diet (excluding last weekend I am doing a pretty good job, though my pantry looks really bare since I have removed most temptations, going to the grocery story (or commissary in my case) is kind of boring since I have to ignore most of the options), and lots of push-ups and sit-ups.

Then after that is done the next items come up, the Army Ten Miler followed a couple of weeks later by the Marine Corps Marathon (my first and only marathon.....).

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

So I logged onto VCU's site (as I have been compulsively doing for the past week or so) and lo and behold this is what appears!

  • Unofficial Graduate School Academic Record
  • Degrees Awarded:
  • Master of Science May 19, 2007
  • School of Engineering
  • Major: Computer Science
  • Cum GPA: 3.000
So now I too can contribute to the factor that Arlington County as being the most educated city in the US (In 2005, slightly over 66% of adults age 25 and older had a bachelor’s degree or higher and about 36% had a graduate or professional degree. )

So is it wrong that the first 2 things I did were to print out the transcript request form (hello raise) and a duplicate diploma form (so going up in my cube at work)?

5 years, 15 classes, 2 schools (thank god that VCU allowed me to transfer some classes)....
Now to go sign up for the next class for my next Masters Degree....

Memorial Day

So I am late, not really surprising...
For most of us this is just another nice 3 day weekend, But this day probably means more to me now that I serve in the military (and odds are that a number of the people that I have gone through training with have already been to Iraq or Afganistan, a few have probably been injured or even killed).
I definately made time in the busy schedule of a holiday weekend to take a few moments to remember those brave souls that gave their lives to protect this, the greatest of all countries. I hope everyone does this (though I suspect that most will never even take a few seconds to think about this sort of stuff.... heck, some of them can't even bring themselves to take the few seconds it takes to remove their hat at sporting event (yeah, I am talking to you, Mr. Mid-50's guy next to me at the DC United game... don't think that some of us don't notice and keep a little mental list)). So for all of you that have served, thanks from my heart (I still don't consider what I do as service, I get embarassed when people have come up to me in uniform and thanked me... 2 years in and all I have done is train....).

God Bless all of the people who have served and paid the ultimate price and God Bless America!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Go DC!!!

That was a fun game!! Love going out and seeing them score almost immediately!!! Too bad C, my 2 yo nephew, was sitting on my lap (and then I made my sister-in-law all nervous by lifting him up high... as if I was going to drop him....). Brutal game but a fun one to watch (when C or R wasn't distracting me)...



So the big question, where do they go from here? And I have to wait another 7 months to see what they are thinking?!? Argh!
Oh, and grenades so don't blow up like they showed..... for one thing, there is some delay when you release the spool.... that and the Other who deployed the grenade is sooo dead....
But that wasn't the worst use of military hardware, the worst can be found in the second to last episode of Jericho, where they use a mortar shell in the barrel of a M1 Abrams tank.... I was so yelling at the screen (that and I was so over when the Marines were wearing the funky flags.... and on that note, who the heck, after a nuclear incident, decides to focus precious resources on flags for the military? Can no one do the military right on TV?

So love long weekends!!