Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No cable (AKA why Verizon and Comcast Suck)

I feel like I am a pawn in the great cable wars. I think that the animosity between Verizon and Comcast has hit a new high with both of them heading into the traditional areas of each other.

This came to a head this past week as I arranged for Verizon FIOS to be installed instead of my crappy Comcast service (overpriced and with bad service). So first step, they try to disconnect my cable and Comcast has locked the box (only noticed after waiting for 4 hours as the tech tries to find Cablecards for my Tivo's). So after wasting a day I have a bunch of Verizon equipment (though not sadly the CC's) that doesn't work sitting in my place.

Then on Thursday I was offsite at an alternate location (where I found this awesome hole in the wall Korean Restaurant, but thats another tale) the tech came back, unhooked my cable (with the assistance of a bolt cutter) but now I have nothing in my place. After several furious calls I finally have a tech arrive today (though he was supposed to be here yesterday (another 3 hours off)), got my SD cable boxes up and running, internet and telephone operational. However I still lack 4 cablecards that I require to actually get my beloved Tivo's working. Completely unacceptable..... Now I need to start figuring out what I will get them to offer me to make up for the 11 hours that they wasted of my time with a non-operational setup remaining.