Saturday, June 26, 2010

Annual Training 2010

So this is actually the first Annual Training (AT) that I have ever attended as a Guardsman (Basic Training, then 2 years of OCS, then OBC, then New Equipment Training) after 5+ years in the Guard. But other than the fact that this was a supersized AT (we really could have done without the last week)? Pretty good training.... Lookie at what I got:
This is the Brigade Commanders Coin (for a very storied unit that includes the famous Bedford Unit. Note the Civil War on the units involvement.... Just don't ask which side of the War of Northern Aggression we were on). The other 1LT in my unit and I were awarded this by the Colonel.

I didn't get many pictures since unfortunately my guys did most of work in a classified annex that they were quite stringent in enforcement of not allowing cell phones (and camera's).

I was quite proud of everyone. We had to drive a circuitous route from Hampton to Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA (some 450 miles, all in tactical vehicles like HMMV's (17 just to get my Company's gear up)). Set up quickly and then help everyone else out once we were up. We had 43 people show up and we worked the hell out of everyone. After 2 weeks there we then moved (again by a circuitous route, some 430 miles) to Ft. Pickett VA. We ran a range and then shot on various stuff and then finally back to Hampton, 20 days after we left. For the 2 Platoons that I had I wrote 11 medal awards (all total I think we had 20 award submissions).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Burning question

Ow... OMG ow....

The 2 worst sunburns that I have ever gotten have been on army time. Back in Basic I got a 2nd degree sunburn right in the middle of my chest. Because of the way that the old BDU's sat and the fact that my t-shirts had become deformed over time, a large section of my chest (from Adams apple down about4 inches) got expose. And toasted (we are talking blistering and all that fun stuff).

And now the Army adds number 2 to the list. Partly my fault (because in the end I was in charge) but by the time I realized it it was too late. We ran a 450 mile convoy on Sunday. I ended up driving at least half the distance. HMMV's are hot, the engine often dumps heat into the cab and ventilation is not good. So we had the windows rolled down. And our ACU blouses (as a side we had a long debate about whether they classify as blouses anymore, since they don't button like the BDU's. This sort of conversation comes up often in my unit) were off because it was 100 degrees that day. So as you can figure, it didn't occur to me at the time to put sunblock on my arms. And now I have a truckers tan from hell, since I have a second degree burn on my left arm (blisters and all). I will spare you the oh so fun looking picture......

Oh well, at least this AT is over. 3 weeks is a long time to be away. Whoever said 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year is a liar and should be shot.