Thursday, May 24, 2007

Catching up

So me and the roommate, M, finished another epidosode of Jericho (and Veronica Mars the night before).... Its kind of sad to watch shows that were pretty good and are ending after being cancelled. I know that even though I have one episode of Jericho left that I will not get my satisfaction for the show. And from what I hear the last episode of Veronica Mars doesn't give that sense of closure either... You have to be frustrated with the way American TV generally doesn't leave their shows in a closure state at the end of the season (like you find on the British shows). Way too many shows have bowed out on cliffhangers..... CBS definately owes us some closure for Jericho, given how many threads were just laying around.

And as further proof of my TV obsession, I finished NCIS (a well put together procedural drama with the requisite dose of comedy) and Brothers & Sisters (LOVE this show.... was definately howling at a few parts of it). Now my big push is to finish Lost, I just finished last weeks and now I need to find the time to watch last nights before the girl I am dating, R, drops too many hints on what happened...

Oh, and poison ivy sucks.... actually camping period sucks...... I sooooo am going to hate my AT this year down in Alabama... probably 10 of the 14 days will be out in the woods doing the lanes training.

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