Saturday, June 16, 2007

Blogger HH

So I went to the blogger HH at Grand Central Bar (or as my gf referred to it... the nerdfest... hah... little did she know how cool everyone who showed up was.....):
  • Meeting the lovely authors of:
    • Love is Blonde - You looked great this evening and was glad to that you were the first blogger that I read that I met
    • A Total Waste of Makeup - Even though your went to MD it was a pleasure meeting you!
    • Grateful Dating I went kayaking in Monterrey Bay.... a few drinks and my brain dumps... sorry I thought that your cat was a bunny
    • Kristin of Candy Sandwich - Loved your stories (and honestly, loved the cleavage...)
  • And the cool lads behind
    • I-66 of Quarter Volley - Great to meet you and hope you have fun at the game tomorrow1
    • ROOSH V - really, you did get me out of bad relationship.... just a link to your site....
    • Ar-Jew-Tino - yep, one of your coworkers dated my youngest brother... small world... further confirmation of my theory here and here
    • And a couple of other guys, like the one in the poker t-shirt and the guy who like Larry Niven (dude, the authors name is Rachel Caine... sorry)
And a few others that names escape me (sorry, I blame the many drinks I have had tonight.....)


Janet said...

I think it was a success because I woke up with a massive hangover this morning...

Nice to meet you too! :)

Jamy said...

Fun to meet you too! Monterey Bay is lovey. Bunny, kitty, what's the difference? ;)

Kristin said...

It was very nice to meet you.

Carrie M said...

great to meet you! GO TERPS! ;-)

Conservative Futurist said...

Man, bummed I missed this!