Monday, June 18, 2007

Fun weekend!

After the blogger HH (and after recovering the next day.... got up just a wee bit late). Then it was off for a long walk (Courthouse to Adams Morgan (the scene of the crime last night) then over to Foggy Bottom for a Metro ride back home). Met up with the GF (and one of her friends) for lunch at my parents place (I think my Mom likes it that there is so much more Estrogen around her between most of her boys (I have 4 brothers.... yep.. she had 5 sons...)). Then off to the pool with the Girls and my Roommate, where upon I didn't put on enough sunblock....

A quick bit of lunch at the parents, then off to the DC United game against the Chicago Fire (3-1... hooah!). Watched "Children of Men" with the GF then off to bed. Children of Men wasn't as good as I expected (and yep, I had the HD-DVD problems with this disk that have been written about.... thank god the other side had the standard DVD format on it). Way less action than expected, VERY depressing, kind of confusing, and overall not the best film... definitely overrated compared to all the press that it has received.

Brunch with Dad and family. Then I hung out at my parents for most of the day, took my nephew Conor to the park (whew.... it was hot), and just generally chilled for most of the day.

Then for a fun treat, my GF got me and my family passes to Riverdance at Wolf Trap. My parents had seen it a number of years ago, but me and D had not. It pretty impressive. I am in awe of those dancers, the Irish Ones (gotta give props to my peeps), the Tap Dancers, the Russians and the musicians. A very enjoyable show and a great way to spend a lazy Sunday Evening. Everyone in my family was very happy that R could get us the tickets.

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