Thursday, September 20, 2007

Running will be the death of me

So I did my longest run on Tuesday (I know this since Lance Armstrong told me so in my earphones (Nike+ iPod pedometer... cool and useful toy)). 15.2 miles!@ I did walk the last mile or so (the infamous runners trot made it painful to run).

Then I stopped in at my parents (they are on my way home to my condo). Then the nausea hit, followed by the headache.... then I felt too hot.... then I shifted to intensely cold (like teeth chattering cold....) My parents (mom is an RN) were really concerned. I was able to shove a little food down (strawberries and cookies plus some tea) and then spent the next 2 hours curled up on the couch at my parents shivering even though I had a heavy sweatshirt on and a blanket covering me.

I then got home at around 1130, took a shower, let work know that it was unlikely that they would see me tomorrow and then curled up in bed with the sheets around me..

And I am already planning on running further next Tuesday.... I think I am insane..... And to think in a little over a month I intend to do 11 more miles than I just did in the Marine Corp Marathon....

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Kristin said...

I applaud your efforts. I cannot run for the life of me. Wasn't diagnosed with asthma until adulthood, at which point I realized I'd never really learned to enjoy it.