Monday, October 29, 2007

I failed..

17 miles in (right around "The Awakening" at Haines Point) I knew I was in trouble (up til then I was doing well, 10 minute pace, on track to finish in 4:30). I made it a point to drink several glasses of water at each water point along the route, had a pot of tea in the morning before I went to the race. But it wasn't enough. The headache came first, throbbing and intense that caused me to remove my headphones. Then came the nausea, followed by cramping in the legs.. Given that I have had experience with this before (down in Alabama this summer) I knew that I was in trouble.
Stopped in the aid station just before mile 19. Medics (good Navy Corpsmen) looked at me, got my BP and then started the IV. Took the trailer bus back to Pentagon City, Metro'd back home (so wasn't going to go to Rosslyn, I didn't earn anything and I was frustrated and hurting), and showered, slept and sulked a little (yeah, not big on the whole failure thing, particularly since I was so close). Started planning modifications for next year (yep, I will be one of those people with a camelback on for the race next time). My marathon dream, at least for this year, is over.


Kristin said...

You tried. That counts for a lot, and 19 miles is nothing to dismiss. I'm sorry you didn't make it and wish you luck next year.

startingtoday said...

You tried, and really, 19 miles is still amazing. I couldn't run 4 blocks if you asked me to. Be proud. Mentally you were there; your body just wasn't up for the task that day.