Thursday, November 29, 2007

Strike Week 4?

Okay... so the first show has run out(The Office... shocking I know given that a number of the actors are also writers)... and a number of shows are running on fumes...

It's created an odd TV season, with the fewest cancellations that I have ever seen (shows that would have been canned, like Journeyman or Cavemen, have gotten a lease on life... heck Journeyman will end itself gracefully... that in normal times would have had them meeting the axmen quite a bit earlier..).

But this needs to end soon.... They are soon going to be seriously affecting Pilot season in short order.... That and I want more episodes of my favorite shows!

As a side note here is what I am a "fast consumer" (i.e., doesn't spend much time on my Tivo)

  • Dirty Sexy Money (so deliciously sordid)

  • Chuck (show gets better and better)

  • Reaper (love the Devil)

  • Bionic Woman

  • Heroes (overcame the problems of the first few episodes)

  • Bones (my favorite procedural)

  • NCIS

  • The Office

  • Samatha Who

  • How I Met Your Mother

Everything else is a background show or something to watch during the coming pause.

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