Thursday, December 20, 2007

I am Legend

So I mostly loved this movie. It was interesting but I need more exposition (flash forwarding to 3 years after the outbreak... meh..... not as exciting.... I am not so interested in the end result, but the effect of society crashing down is facinating). Did like the fast zombies (though it reminded me of 28 Days Later... even to the point of FFWDin past the event itself). The smart zombie, which is never addressed (probably die to trama of the Will Smith character), which is kind of annoying. Good ending!

As normal I had problems with the math...... 80% mortality (for evenness lets use the 6 billion number from the movie)... 1.2 billion survivors... though they then make the claim that there was a 1% immunity rate. Then pull a 12 million number out... thats when if you turned to me in the theater you would see me doing hand number gestures.... I would argue that it should be 60 million (hey, if you were a survivor 19:1 odds are way better than 99:1)... wouldn't the people immune to the conversion also be immune to the airborne virus?

Yep, thats me... arguing math/logic about a horror/SF movie...

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