Saturday, March 01, 2008

What I am watching

DVD - Dirt. Missed this fantastic series when it was first on, so now its catch-up. That and a slow grinding through of movies that I have missed over the past year or 2. Bummed that I am on the losing edge of the format war. Good thing I don't have too much invested in it (the only one I liked was Clerks II).

TV - Friday Night Lights! Love this show. Skipped it last year and with the break I decided to catch up. So glad that I did... I know that I love it and my roommate is obsessed with it. Hating Lipstick Jungle, meh about Cashmere Mafia. Enjoying the return of Men in Trees. Mourning the loss of Las Vegas. Excited about this whole fight about Scrubs, hopefully either way I will get another season out of it.

Video Games - Still enthralled by Call of Duty 4. Have barely touched Halo since it came out except for the occasional game with my brothers. Storing up some single user action games for the next couple of months.

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Two Shorten the Road said...

Friday Night Lights is so great! Rumor is it will be coming back for a third season, thanks to a deal NBC put together with DirecTV to sponsor it. You have great taste in TV programs. ;)

Good luck on your deployment, too.