Monday, May 19, 2008


3 new ones over the weekend and another one on Monday (gotta love getting free from work so early)
  • Smart People - I really liked this one. Dark. Smart. Anything that has a book called "You don't know how to read." 4/5
  • Leatherheads - Actually more entertaining than I thought it would be. 2.5/5
  • 21 - LOTS of fun. I really enjoyed this movie. Though lets not forget that I love Vegas and gambling. And have friends who are gamblers who make a good living.
  • Harold and Kumar: Escape from Gitanimo Bay - Entertaining as well. Watched the movie all by myself (no one else in the theater). I love when that happens. I think I enjoyed this more than the first one actually.

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The Big Earl Jr. Experience said...


Keep the posts about BOLC II coming, I enjoy reading about your experiences. I will be heading down the same path in the fall. Waiting on HRC to finish their portion of my packet so I can schedule a school date. Thank-You.

SFC @ Ft. Hood, Texas