Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A passel of movies

One of the side effects of my time down here in Georgia is that I see a lot of movies (and get to eat out at some different places).

This weekend was a break weekend after the whirlwind of last weekend. Lots of sleep on Friday (10 hours), woke up, hit the gym, putter around my room for a while, then off to get some dinner and watch some movies.

  • Baby Momma - Love Tina Fey. This movie was pretty funny. I enjoyed it a lot
  • Hidden Kingdom - Jackie Chan. That's really all I needed, everything else was bonus. Fun movie. Not too deep and pretty predictable but good. 4/5
  • Iron Man - LOVED, LOVED, LOVED! this movie! Lets lay aside that I am a massive Iron Man comic book fan for a moment (as any of my family can testify to given the number of his comics I own). This movie represents a quintessential superhero movie. Action, comedy, Action. A little character development and a lot of happiness for the fans. (loved the SHIELD reference) 5/5
  • Fools Gold - eh. okay romantic/adventure. Very linear and predictable. Glad I only paid a dollar for it. 2.5/5

Then I hurt my foot while outside the theater. ow! But it looks to keep me from running with my IBA (body armor) tomorrow so that's okay, though its gross and frustrating.

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Kristin said...

Iron Man rocked but I didn't stay for the post-credits scene. I might have see it again.