Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Operation Run-Fatboy-Run is in effect

So I got lazy... I enjoyed the food a bit too much, slacked off on a few workouts. I have basically treated the time since I got back from my Army training as a bit of a vacation. I put on a few lbs that I can ill-afford to put on (both from my health and in terms of what I as an Army Officer should allow myself to be). So back to watching my diet, increasing my workouts until I return to my better weight. While I can still run long and hard (I did 8 miles on Sunday), I just need to focus a bit more on the other side of fitness as well, the diet.

This is the year of the running. I will make my second attempt on the Marine Corp Marathon (with a better plan and more time spent in training beforehand) and I will succeed this year.

Next race on the agenda? That I already have signed up for? The National Half Marathon on March 21.


greg_b said...

Good luck. That means you're probably out for the urbanathalon then since it falls around that same time.

CyNurse said...

I need an exercise plan myself because what I basically do is go on a food trip then cut down on food portions later.

Good luck on your goal.