Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogger HH

So I decided to convince my GF, H, to come and meet the people whose stories I was always forwarding to her. Not too hard since we didn't have anything planned for Friday night and there is always the fascination to put the in-person face of the people that are writing these stories.

We made a night of it, heading down to U Street early to grab dinner. H made the mistake of offer 2 choices, and for me? When I am presented with a noodle place it is hard to pass up. So after getting off the wrong exit, we had a nice stroll over to DC Noodles. I really like my choice (the seafood Spicy noodle soup. Just a touch of spice (its hard to outspice me) and all the stuff in there was really pretty good). We started off with Pumpkin Empananas and Meat dumplings. Overall I was quite pleased and would happily eat there again.

Then over to Marvin's for drinks. I liked the choice, because overall it was a neat bar with a fantastic selection of drinks (I worked my way through the 5 beers on draft, all mostly Belgian beers). The bar itself was really neat, I liked the outdoors component (the heat was a great plan to keep it available on this very chilly night).

After looking around for a bit (I told H that if I was a cop the criminals would be very safe, since while a number of the bloggers had pics, I had only really met 2-4 of them).

I am glad I got the chance to talk with 2 of the hosts, and Arjewtino. I had a great DC/Soccer chat with I-66 (because there really is a lot to talk about right now, with the stadium and of course US Mens National Team WC Qualification).

We had a great time and got to chat with a bunch of awesome people (further reassuring H that not all bloggers are dorks like myself)
Great meeting everyone and I hope that the fates align and I (as well as H) can make another one in the near future!


Kristin said...

I went on Friday but found myself talking to only a couple of old friends. There were just so many people!

Maxie said...

it was good to meet you and your GF. We'll have to do it again sometime (after it gets warmer of course!)

Big Money Tony said...

Very nice to meet you and your GF. I checked this site out over the weekend and will be coming over here regularly.

Desiree Aubigny said...

The happy hour was a lot of fun! It was really dark and packed, though... Hard to distinguish who was who from tiny little profile pics!

Katherine said...

How did we not meet? How?

rachaelgking said...

Bummed I missed it... I'll definitely make the next one!

Zandria said...

That's cool that you made it out! I was a slacker that night...didn't feel like making the trek out to DC and back all by myself... :)