Sunday, November 29, 2009

DC Rollergirls Games

This was my second Rollergirls event (my first was almost 9 years ago with a friend down in Austin TX). I had been planning to go an event here in DC for years, but the timing was always wrong (either a drill weekend or something else). So when I saw that they were playing this Saturday? Me and Cupcake Girl took my nephew C to the game.

It was slightly different than what I had seen before (since this was flat track, not the curved one I saw down in Texas). Still it was pretty fun.

To start with there was the bake sale!!! Delicious cookies for reasonable prices. We also had some candy that was thrown out to the crowd, popcorn, beer and soda.

Then on to the game. Sadly the first game didn't end so well for the local team (it was the Philadelphia's Heavy Metal Hookers vs DC's Scare Force One). They pretty much got their buts kicked after taking a brief lead (something like 45 points unopposed before scoring a few points at the end). The first bout comprised 2 20 minute sets, with pretty much non-stop action.

Then after a brief show the main match was on. 2 DC teams, Cherry Blossom Bombshells vs the DC Demoncats (or as I was telling C, the Pink team vs the Black team). This game had a lot more parity and was gripping until the end. We watched the second half of this game from down on the floor, a comfortable safe distance from the danger zone.

All and all an entertaining way to fill a late afternoon/early evening!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for coming out to the bout yesterday! Hope you will be able to make it in December and cheer on the DC All Stars team!

~Styx N' Stones #206
Cherry Blossom Bombshells