Friday, July 06, 2012



A. Lee Martinez is a hard author to categorize. I think the closest author to describe him would be a (slightly) less off the wall Terry Pratchett. Definitely a fun read.

Monster is about, appropriately, the main character of this book. He is not in fact a monster, but he catches them (basically like animal control for the city). In this world magic is all around us, but only a select few can see it (and most forget/justify it away shortly thereafter.. think the adults in Sunnydale (Buffy)). Monster is not having a good life (living on the edge of poverty with a demon girlfriend) and his life gets more complicated when he meets Judy.

Judy has called animal control because a yeti is eating all the ice cream at the supermarket she is working at. While shortly forgetting that incident, she continues to run into Monster as more and more supernatural animals keep showing up around her. And then the plot gets really complicated....

Fun read but it can drag a little bit in the middle. I have enjoyed some of his other works more than this one...

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