Friday, April 01, 2016

Rock and Roll Half Marathon

After a long break from 1/2 Marathons (I had been sticking with my 10 Milers) my siblings caused me to sign up for one. Interestingly I have sort of run this one before (during the short period it was the National Half Marathon). Overall I was quite pleased, finishing with a pace almost 1:30 per mile faster than my Army Ten Miler times in October 2015. Runmeter report of the race.
 Fat Fingered Shoe Shot. It amused me to find it on my phone.
 Pre-Race. There was some mockery since we too the photo in the porta-potty's direction, but unless you look really hard the geometry makes it hard to tell.
Requisite post race shot with medals. 

Overall the race was pretty solid. I even partook of some of the adult beverages offered along the course (beer, prosecco and a margarita shot). It was pretty and not too cold.

Continuing my trend of weird side effects from this particular race, I had several blisters on, of all places, both my hands after this race. Maybe it was some weird reaction to sweat and holding onto the race gummies for 2-3 miles in my hands? Though I will say that even though I am 7 years older from the last time, I look better in these pics than I did in 2009....

My one complaint? The spiffy new shirt I got for the race tore when I wore it later that day after a much deserved shower.

I am already signed up for the next one (they had a great deal right after the race to sign up for 50 dollars).

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