Monday, July 11, 2016


So reading over on a Personal Finance Blog Mr Tako Escapes, in particular his post about
The Arrogance Of Wealth and he brought up a topic I firmly believe in. That even the most successful person out there didn't get there solely on their own skill and knowledge. Luck plays a huge factor (that you were born in the right place and time, to the right parents and had the right opportunities in education and work to excel).

I have been saying the “luck” thing for a long time. But the people, like some people I know on Wall Street, don’t like acknowledging that, while yes, they are probably very skilled in their field, luck played a significant role (some may actually say overwhelming role) in their success…

I know that myself and most of my fellow Americans are very lucky. We live in a society where the biggest problem is getting too fat, from poor diet and lack of exercise. Where even the poorest have TV's, air conditioning/heat and cell phones. Yes, I know there is food anxiety in our society, but overall we don't have it too bad.

One thing I really want to instill in my children is to help them recognize the sheer luckiness of their position. To have (if my may be ever not so humble) great parents, food, toys, family and most everything a kid could want. I watch on TV and the Internet (and have seen with my eyes in Afghanistan) the true level of poverty that exists in the world. Where children don’t even have enough to eat every day (the story that has destroyed me this year was of a 2yo on the streets in Nigeria…. I am not prone to being a emotional but if that picture of the women offering water to the child doesn’t emotionally hit you I don’t know what will).

As my parent’s would say, “There but for the Grace of God go I.”

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