Friday, March 08, 2019

The 21 year old me vs the 42yo me

Right around my 42nd birthday I was going out with a few Soldiers from my unit and one of them was a girl who was turning 21 that evening. Beyond the amusement of her trying to educate bartenders on the quirks of alcohol sales (she could buy from our ABC stores on the day before her birthday, but bartenders were not willing to take that risk). It got me to ponder the vast differences between 21yo me and the 42yo me. So in an totally un-ranked and unsorted list: (Old me is indented)

  • Drinks coffee, tea. Has maybe a diet soda 2-3 times a week
    • Swills soda (sugared). A case+ per week(!).
  • Drinks beer (almost everything but IPA's), occasional whisky/bourbon, tons of red wine
    • goldschlager and the ilk
  • Cooks somewhat complicated meals, can bake if I have the right ingredients 
    • Ramen... Maybe fried rice
  • 2 kids and a wife
    • Not even dating
  • Is a Captain with good odds of being promoted to Major in the Army
    • Military what?
  • Regular gym goer. Lifts and Runs 5k's, 10Milers and as completed a Marathon
    • Run if threatened
  • Manager. Rarely looks at code. Runs a team of 8 hackers. Has 20+ people working for me on my part time job.
    • Thinks he will spend his life coding
It amazes me when you stop to think that you can change so much over time.

* Note I wrote most of this around my 42nd birthday, then left it.  Oddly enough I was literally thinking about these same things today, March 2019.

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