Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hrmph... Some media addict I am today. One episode of Stargate (RIP you fine show... but as I said to my brothers today, 10 years is a heck of a run for a Science Fiction TV series... I am not sure how it has survived for as long as it did considering I liked it (and in the media world that seems to be the kiss of death from me)) from way earlier in this year (why did it take me so long to watch a series that I like? I blame Tivo and my roommate for drawing me off to equally good shows like Veronica Mars and Medium. That and one "eh" movie (Silent Hill).

And with me off doing the Army thing this weekend as well as watching DC womp the NY Red Bulls (hehe.... I still get a laugh every time I mention that name) tomorrow night as well as a date on Thursday its going to be a slow week for me. I will probably get "V is for Vendetta" in with the roommate in there somewhere as well as my other 2 discs from Netflix.