Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Really hate Talking Heads.....

Okay, so I am building a list...
  • The Pro-Gun people (as much as I support the second admendment)
  • The Anti-Gun people
  • The "why didn't anyone man up and take this sucker out" crowd
  • And the "Sinners had it coming list" ..... yeah, the same "the soldiers had it coming" and the "911 people had it coming" group that are already on my other list.

The media is coming close. They need to decamp from VT and let every Hokie start the healing process.

All of this from some loser.... News flash humanity, if any one of you get to the point where you think its a good idea to shoot unarmed people in cold blood do your duty in improving the gene pool by placing that muzzle loaded with hollow-points, place it in your mouth at a 45 degree up angle and pull the damn trigger....

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